Sermon text format: 2008-2013


Joomla27iThis section of the library conserves text files of sermons from the years prior to our focus on video or audio recordings.  Some were stored as PDF files, others as html text files on our old website and later converted to PDF’s. Thanks to Fico in Brazil for rescuing those! The sequence is unusual, we have no plans to change it — there are almost 200 entries; we have added the name of the preacher in all cases.
The following 2012/2013 titles are from the time after Lusmarina’s departure:
(Rev. Terry MacArthur, Rev. Dr. Stephen Larson)

Pentecost_XXV_web_20121118 Terry
Pentecost_XXIV_web_20121111 Stephen
Pentecost_XXIII_AllSaints_20121104Stephen Stephen
Pentecost_XXII_Reformation_20121028 Stephen
Pentecost_XXI_web_20121021 Stephen
Pentecost_XX_web_20121014 Stephen
Pentecost_XVIII_web_20120930 Stephen
Pentecost_XVII_web_20120923 Stephen
Pentecost_XIX_web_20121007 Stephen
Pentecost_XII_web_20130811_ByFaithAbrahamStephen Stephen
Pentecost_XI_web_20130804_ParableRichFoolStephen Stephen
Pentecost_X_web_20130728_LordsPrayerStephen Stephen
Pentecost_VIII_web_20130714 Terry

The following are from the time of the Rev. Lusmarina Campos Garcia as pastor.
Lusmarina with members and friends as guest preachers: Rev. Terry MacArthur, Rev. Deenabandhu Manchala, Rev. Per Harling, Rev. Dr. Kenneth Mtata, Rev. Rolita Machila, Rev. Adolfo Ham, Rev. Dr. Shanta Premawardhana, Rev. Sarah Stephens, Rev. Priscilla Singh, Rev. Dr. Roswitha Golder, Rev. John C. Moyer, Rev. Peter Mathews, Rev. Karen Bloomquist, Rev. Dagmar Magold, Rev. Lia Wolters-Berghout, Maryann Wangui Kihia, Rev. Erica Gibson-Even

September_26th_2010 Lusmarina
September_21st_2008 Lusmarina
September_19th_2010 Terry
September_14th_2008 Lusmarina
September_13th_2009 Lusmarina
September_7th_2008 Rev. Deenabandhu Manchala
September_4_2011 Lusmarina
October_31st_2010 Lusmarina

October_30_2011 Lusmarina
October_26th_2008 Rev. Per Harling
October_24th_2010 Lusmarina
October_23_2011 Lusmarina
October_19th_2008 Lusmarina
October_17th_2010 Lusmarina
October_12th_2008 Lusmarina
October_11h_2009 Lusmarina

October_10th_2010 Lusmarina
October_4th_2009 Lusmarina
November_30th_2008 Lusmarina
November_29th_2009 Lusmarina
November_28th_2010 Lusmarina
November_27_2011 Rev. Dr. Kenneth Mtata
November_23rd_2008 Rev. Rolita Machila
November_22nd_2009 Lusmarina

November_16th_2008 Lusmarina
November_14th_2010 Lusmarina
November_13_2011 Lusmarina
November_9th_2008 Terry
November_8th_2009 Lusmarina
November_6_2011 Lusmarina
November_1st_2009 Lusmarina
May_25th_2008 Rev. Adolfo Ham

May_22_2011 Lusmarina
May_18th_2008 Lusmarina
May_17th_2009 Rev. John C. Moyer
May_16th_2010 Lusmarina
May_15_2011 Lusmarina
May_13_2012 Rev. Per Harling.
May_11th_2008 Lusmarina
May_9th_2010 Lusmarina

May_6_2012 Lusmarina
May_4th_2008 Lusmarina
May_3rd_2009 Lusmarina
May_1st_2011 Lusmarina
March_29th_2009 Lusmarina
March_27th_2011 Lusmarina
March_22nd_2009 Lusmarina
March_20th_2011 Lusmarina

March_18_2012 Lusmarina
March_16th_2008 Lusmarina
March_15th_2009 Lusmarina
March_14th_2010 Lusmarina
March_11_2012 Lusmarina
March_09th_2008 Lusmarina
March_8th_2009 Lusmarina
March_7th_2010 Lusmarina

March_04_2012 Lusmarina
March_2nd_2008 Lusmarina
March_1st_2009 Lusmarina
June_29th_2008 Lusmarina
June_27th_2010 Rev. Dr. Shanta Premawardhana
June_26_2011 Stephen
June_19_2011 Lusmarina
June_17_2012 Rev. Sarah Stephens.

June_12_2011 Lusmarina
June_8th_2008 Lusmarina
June_7th_2009 Terry
June_5_2011 Rev. Per Harling
June_1st_2008 Lusmarina
July_31_2011 Lusmarina
July_27th_2008 Rev. Priscilla Singh
July_26th_2009 Lusmarina

July_25th_2010 Rev. Dr. Shanta Premawardhana
July_24_2011 Lusmarina
July_20th_2008 Lusmarina
July_19th_2009 Lusmarina
July_18th_2010 Rev. Dr. Roswitha Golder
July_17_2011 Rev. John Moyer
July_15_2012 Lusmarina
July_13th_2008 Lusmarina

July_12th_2009 Lusmarina
July_10_2011 Lusmarina
July_8_2012 Lusmarina
July_6th_2008 Lusmarina
July_5th_2009 Lusmarina
July_3_2011 Lusmarina
January_31st_2010 Lusmarina
January_30th_2011 Lusmarina

January_29_2012 Lusmarina
January_22_2012 Lusmarina
January_20th_2008 Lusmarina
January_18th_2010 Lusmarina
January_15_2012 Lusmarina
January_13th_2008 Lusmarina
January_11th_2009 Lusmarina
January_10th_2010 Lusmarina

January_8_2012 Lusmarina
January_06th_2008 Lusmarina
January_4th_2009 Lusmarina
January_3rd_2010 Lusmarina
January_1_2012 Lusmarina
February_27th_2011 Lusmarina
February_26_2012 Lusmarina
February_25th_2009 Terry

February_24th_2008 Children enactment
February_22nd_2009 Rev. John Moyer
February_22_2012 Lusmarina
February_20th_2011 Lusmarina
February_19_2012 Lusmarina
February_17th_2008 Lusmarina
February_15th_2009 Rev. Peter Mathews
February_14th_2010 Lusmarina

February_13th_2011 Lusmarina
February_12_2012 Stephen
February_10th_2008 Rev. Lia Wolters-Berghout
February_8th_2009 Rev. Karen Bloomquist
February_7th_2010 Lusmarina
February_6th_2011 Terry
February_3rd_2008 Lusmarina
February_1st_2009 Rev. Dr. Deenabandhu Manchala

December_28th_2008 Lusmarina
December_26th_2010 Lusmarina
December_25th_2010 Rev. Dr. Deenabandhu Manchala
December_25th_2009 Rev. John Moyer
December_25_2011 Rev. John Moyer
December_24th_2010 Lusmarina
December_24_2011 Lusmarina
December_20th_2009 Lusmarina

December_19th_2010 Lusmarina
December_18_2011 Lusmarina
December_13th_2009 Lusmarina
December_12th_2010 Lusmarina
December_11_2011 Lusmarina
December_7th_2008 Lusmarina
December_6th_2009 Lusmarina
December_5th_2010 Lusmarina

December_4_2011 Lusmarina
August_31st_2008 Lusmarina
August_24th_2008 Rev. John Moyer
August_23rd_2009 Lusmarina
August_22nd_2010 Lusmarina
August_17th_2008 Lusmarina
August_16th_2009 Lusmarina
August_15th_2010 Lusmarina

August_14_2011 Lusmarina
August_10th_2008 Lusmarina
August_7_2011 Lusmarina
August_3th_2008 Lusmarina
August_2nd_2009 Lusmarina
August_1st_2010 Lusmarina
April_29_2012 Lusmarina
April_27th_2008 Lusmarina

April_26th_2009 Lusmarina
April_25th_2010 Rev. Karen Bloomquist
April_23rd_2011 Rev. Lusmarina Campos Garcia and Rev. Dagmar Magold
April_22_2012 Lusmarina
April_21st_2011 Lusmarina
April_20th_2008 Rev. Lia Wolters-Berghout
April_19th_2009 Lusmarina
April_18th_2010 Rev. John Moyer

April_17th_2011 Lusmarina
April_15_2012 Rev. John C. Moyer
April_12th_2009 Lusmarina
April_11th_2010 Rev. Dr. Shanta Premawardhana
April_10th_2011 Lusmarina
April_8_2012 Lusmarina
April_06th_2008 Rev. John Moyer
April_5th_2009 Maryann Wangui Kihia

April_3rd_2011 Rev. Erica Gibson-Even
April_1_2012 Lusmarina