Who we are

We are…

  … a community on the move, discovering Christ together on the journey of faith.

We see Christianity as a path to be walked together—learning, serving, praying, sharing, and growing alongside sisters and brothers. As we live and practice our faith, we not only encounter a new community; we also find the presence of God.

… a parish of many cultures and traditions, with deep Lutheran roots and wide ecumenical branches.

Geneva is a crossroads city and our doors are open to people from all over the world. About half of our members come from Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Anglican and other traditions, and half have Lutheran links. The Lutheran Church of Geneva was started by German expatriates in the 18th century, and the English-Speaking Congregation was formed in the 1950s after the World Council of Churches, Lutheran World Federation, World YWCA and United Nations agencies opened offices in Geneva.

… a home away-from-home, with people from different places becoming sisters and brothers in Christ.

Our members come from 40 countries and six continents. Some are in Geneva for decades, others for only a few months. All help the parish to be a community of shared beliefs, experiences and concerns. Opportunities for fellowship, spiritual growth and recreation bring families, friends and acquaintances together. Such bonds are precious in a city of so many welcomes and farewells.

… a church with open arms, where each person is welcome in God’s all-inclusive love.

Jesus shared God’s gracious love with all people, and we seek to follow this example. People of any economic status, marital or family situation, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability are welcome to full participation in our congregation. We honor the unique gifts of each.

… a congregation where music, liturgy, and prayer reflect the richness of the global church.

We gather each week for worship that is both firmly rooted in the ancient forms and traditions of Christian liturgy and attuned to contemporary concerns. We encounter the good news of Jesus in scripture, in song, in the sacraments, and in the gathered community. The Ecumenical Prayer Cycle shapes our weekly worship, leading us to pray for and sing songs from different parts of the world.

… followers of Jesus, seeking God’s justice, peace, and grace in personal and common witness.

Our hope each Sunday is to go out of God’s house with good courage into our diverse jobs and obligations—with family, civil society, government, business and education.
We pray for the peace and well-being of all peoples. The Gospel calls us wherever we are to use our time and talents for others and for the common good.

Bienvenue! Herzlich willkommen! Bem vinda! Maligayang pagdating! स्वागत हे! Velkominn! ようこそ! Mwaliko! أهلا بك Mauya! Bienvenido!  Welcome!

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