Followers of Jesus


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We are…

… followers of Jesus, seeking God’s justice, peace, and grace in personal and common witness.

Our hope each Sunday is to go out of God’s house with good courage into our diverse jobs and obligations—with family, civil society, government, business and education. We pray for the peace and well-being of all peoples. The Gospel calls us wherever we are to use our time and talents for others and for the common good.

Followers of Jesus…
Over the past year we continued to serve monthly at the Jardin Montbrillant soup kitchen, offering a lovingly-prepared meal to around 200 people, and we supported timely and important projects through our Sharing Fund and our contributions in the Harvest Festival.

A question: How might we engage more directly as a community in service or advocacy here in our local community? Are there other local organizations we might volunteer with or other ways we might accompany migrants and refugees looking to find their place in the city?