A church with open arms


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We are…

 … a church with open arms, where each person is welcome in God’s all-inclusive love.

Jesus shared God’s gracious love with all people, and we seek to follow this example. People of any economic status, marital or family situation, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability are welcome to full participation in our congregation. We honor the unique gifts of each.

A church with open arms…
We continue to strive to be a welcoming and inclusive congregation. And one area of growth in the past years has been in the number of young children in the congregation. Starting this past January, we added a third Sunday school class each week in order to accommodate the growing number of children in worship. The nurture concern group has more information on this thriving ministry.

A question: How can we think beyond welcoming those who happen to find their way to our church to actively inviting people who are not yet here? It’s always a challenge to reach beyond ourselves and beyond the doorway of the church, but we are living in a time when fewer and fewer people are likely to seek out a Christian community on their own. How can we be more proactive as a whole community in inviting others in?