Concerts 2015

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J. S. Bach: Motette, “Komm, Jesu, komm”

The PROJEKTCHOR of the Ev.-Luth. Kirche Genf, under the direction of Regine Kummer, performed this work on Sunday 22nd November 2015.   (link)

(Full performance  + a second performance of the aria)

Worship took place on Sunday 21 June 2015: 10h00 at Cathédrale Saint-Pierre with the Estonian Mass Number 3 by Urmas Sisask.

On 21 June 2015, during the Fête de la Musique, all the congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Geneva worshiped together hosted by the parish of the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre – in the cathedral. The Council of the Lutheran World Federation met during this period and also joined us.

As the Lutheran World Federation Council gathered in Geneva this week, we offered our prayers and our best wishes to all involved. As they gathered around the theme “Hope Does Not Disappoint,” we prayed that the Spirit would fill them with hope, joy, and encouragement as they worked on behalf of Christ’s church throughout the world. We are grateful for their work and their witness, wished them a blessed and productive time together, and wish them well in continuation of that work.

For the occasion during our worship, a joint choir from the German-, English- and Malagache-speaking congregations sang the Estonian Mass Number 3 by Urmas Sisask. The cathedral is a large space, so the choir worked hard to fill it with wonderful sound.     Regine played the large cathedral organ plus the smaller one near the choir.   Terry wrote the liturgy, directed the choir, and played accordion; he was declared by the resident pastor of the cathedral to be, ‘the most crazy man I know’ !

We now have received permission from the copyright holder, and the composer, to publish our video recordings of the Estonian Mass.   A big thank you to those who helped us find and make contact with the decision makers – especially Matthias Burghardt (Estonian pastor of the German-speaking congregation), Matthias’ wife Anne, Ana Villanueva, and Terry MacArthur who led the final discussions.

There are sections to the mass (click on title to go directly):
1.  Kyrie & Gloria.   2.  Credo.   3.  Sanctus & Agnus Dei.

In addition there is a sermon from Marc Blessing, an introduction by Emmanuel Roland, and a dramatic introduction to the sermon by Andy Willis – and impressive external scenes of the cathedral using aerial photography – courtesy of ‘‘.  (sermon, introduction & blessing)

Mass Credo by Tore W. Aas – sung by Swedish choir, May 2015

Kyrie,  Gloria,  Alleluia,  Intercession,  Lamb of God,  Benediction.

And also:  Psalm 150 (George D. Pass)     (link – complete performance)