The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Geneva

said goodbye to its previous Pastor, Lusmarina Campos Garcia, one year ago in September, after 9 years as our Pastor, friend, and confident. Pastor Lusmarina returned to her home town of Rio de Janeiro together with her husband Fico.

Many of the events surrounding their departure were video recorded – some of them have been available since September 2012.
Others are now available to recall those events, as we keep Lusmarina and Fico in our prayers and in our hearts.

Saturday Evening the duo N’ImporteQuoi –––– NEW! August 2013″, description:”Koko Taylor & Sylvain Fournier are the duo N’importeQuoi Here they are ‘in concert’ to say ‘muito obrigado Lus & Fico’

Saturday Evening Choirs –––– NEW! August 2013″, description:”Adult, Youth, and Children’s Choirs with song arrangement by Terry MacArthur”

Saturday Evening with Calvin & Luther –––– NEW! August 2013 description:”Portraying Calvin & Luther dialog at a special party for the departure of our Pastor after 9 years in Geneva”

Jackson Wahengo plays afro-jazz –––– NEW! August 2013″, description:”Special concert for the departure of our Pastor after 9 years in Geneva”

FAREWELL PRELUDE – Masako/Marc/Terry”, description:”BACHIANAS BRASILEIRAS no.5″

Final Farewell? – at Geneva Airport”, description:”As our Pastor and her husband leave for Rio – we wave goodbye”

Farewell worship – farewell speeches”, description:”Dagmar Magold, Marc Blessing, John Moyer, Marian Frerichs”

Farewell worship – Momento Novo Dance”, description:”Dance after the blessing”

Farewell worship – Prayer & Blessing”, description:”Blessing of Lusmarina & Fico as they return to Brazil + Irish blessing by Lusmarina”

Farewell worship – Thanksgiving/Eucharist”, description:”Liturgy: ‘Within These Walls’ Pastors Marc Blessing & Lusmarina Campos Garcia”

Farewell worship – ‘Within These Walls'”, description:”Liturgical theme song by Andrew Donaldson”

Farewell worship – Samba Hymn”, description:”‘Samba prá Hoje’ – written by Lusmarina Campos Garcia, Brazil”

Farewell worship – Intro-Gospel”, description:”Introduction, prayer of the day, Gospel reading”

Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost -Farewell Sermon”, description:”Sermon by Rev. Lusmarina Campos Garcia”

Saturday farewell party: Lus&FicoMovie”, description:”Light-hearted retrospective of worship life”

Saturday farewell party: Our Father Graphics”, description:”Animated graphics of the new poster campaign and gift”

Saturday farewell party: Unveiling graphic art”, description:”a gift to our departing pastor & to combined congregations of the ELCG”

Saturday farewell party: Lus&Fico ‘Take-off'”, description:”Luther and Calvin have a dialog, and Lus & Fico get a friendly grilling by Marian & Marc.”