Our Father

Our Father — One Lord’s Prayer — many languages

You can also view this video: — on our dedicated larger screen webpage — on our  Vimeo channel — on our Holy Land pilgrimage page.  Soundtrack song is from our choir CD, Abana ladhi fi ssama, Lord’s Prayer, Palestine.

Tradition in our church, every worship, we say the Lord’s Prayer aloud in our many languages.

Here in Aramaic, the language closest to that which Jesus would have spoken: (from our Epiphany 6 worship of 2017 – Agnus Dei from the Deutsche Messe, D872 by Franz Schubert – English paraphrase by Terry MacArthur – sung by our choir 12/02/17 – images from 2016 pilgrimage to the Holy Land). See also Waed Melaneh’s story told in a ‘geneva lutheran’ article on this site.

Multi-lingual cross, prominent in the sanctuary — created by Edwin Hassink, :