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SINGING for MARGARET – introduction of our Choir CD.


It is with great joy that we offer ‘Singing for Margaret’: Global Favorites of the English-Speaking Congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Geneva. This collection of songs from the church throughout the world was recorded by our choir in 2002 and 2003 and finally finished in 2014, just in time for the choir’s 25th anniversary.

The songs are a reflection of the worship life of our community, shaped by the many cultures and expressions of faith among us.

We hope it will enrich your own worship life and perhaps broaden your sense for the many ways Christians sing our faith.


Our very own CD can be purchased in its physical, beautifully packaged format – directly from the church (CHF20.-) or by the “Buy Now” button, using credit card or PayPal.

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The Album

An Alleluia from Brazil, next to a Sanctus written with a Samba rhythm by a Swede, along with a jumping song written by a refugee from Angola—the songs in praise of God keep on flourishing. In many languages, from many cultures, with many different sounds, the Lutherans of Geneva sing around the world. The congregation not only prays for those in other places; they sing with them, learning from them the glories of God’s people responding to God’s love, or pleading for it.

Margaret Jensen was a member of the choir, who died of a brain tumor. We keep singing for her, and with her, as a way of remembering her joyous presence.

The Choir

The primary purpose of the choir is to help the congregation sing and participate in worship. We prepare anthems, but the real work is to bring the whole assembly into song. The congregation sings most of the selections on this CD, which is more an invitation to sing along than a record of performance.

After many years of hibernation, we have added instruments to the 2002, 2003 choir recordings and worked with the sound so the CD can be useful both as reminder and motivation. It is amazing how many of the songs remain favorites, still part of our worship life, still evoking God’s presence with their varied rhythms, languages and styles.

Titles on the CD:

TitlesCDpackageDownload MP3: Track32,Masithi Amen