Lent & Holy week – 2020

Holy Week and Easter


Holy Week follows the key events in the last days of Jesus’s life—his entry into Jerusalem, his final evening with his disciples, and his crucifixion and death—culminating with the celebration of his resurrection on Easter. Since we cannot be together physically for worship in this central week of the church year, we will tell the stories and worship from our homes.

(Photo: Maritza Vitela)





LENT / EASTER recordings:

Easter Sunday, 12 AprilSermon and streamed member photos

Easter Eve: 11 AprilPodcast recordings of Bible readings available to listen to on your own

Good Friday:    Friday 10Apr at 19h30 (live stream) (Audio: Matthew Passion, songs, prayers)

Maundy Thursday:     worship service of Thursday 09Apr at 17:30 (live stream)

Palm Sunday:      worship service of Sunday 05Apr at 11:00 (live stream)

Fifth Sunday in Lent 2020:      worship service of Sunday 29March at 11:00 (live stream)

Fourth Sunday in Lent 2020:  worship service  of Sunday 22March at 11:00 (live stream)

Third Sunday in Lent 2020:     worship service of Sunday 15March at 11:00 (live-stream)

Second Sunday in Lent 2020worship service of Sunday 08March20 at 11:00

First Sunday in Lent 2020:      worship service of Sunday 01March20 at 11:00

Ash Wednesday:  worship service of Wednesday 26February20 at 19:30

Lenten Devotions

The season of Lent began with Ash Wednesday. Throughout the season, the worship committee is providing weekly devotions as a complement to Sunday worship and the themes we’ll be exploring there. Devotions are available on the weekly email and also below – a word of thanks to Rev. Judy Davis and Elisabeth Benn for preparing them.

First week of Lent Devotions    Second week of Lent Devotions   Third week of Lent Devotions    Fourth week of Lent Devotions