Gloria in Excelsis

Gloria in Excelsis for Easter Eve” — written by Terry MacArthur for Easter Eve and traditionally sung at our Easter Vigil, this year it was included within worship on Easter Sunday.  (details)

A recording of a core piece to guide all further singers was recorded in August 2020 in the church sanctuary. Here are images of that first evening session.

Assembling, audio and video editing, was done under the direction of Koko Taylor between August 2020 and first week of January 2021. The resulting ‘version 1.6’ was presented to Terry for his “retirement“.  We do plan a follow-up ‘version 2.0’ as we didn’t manage to include everyone who contributed parts. And now the secret is out, we can also include the composer himself. As can be seen on the end credits of the video, the following are included in the first version: