Retirement Terry

Sunday 10th January, 2021 – Terry’s final Sunday as minister of music in the English-Speaking Congregation. Happily he’s not leaving Geneva or the congregation — he will continue writing liturgies and being an involved member, but he will be formally retiring from up-front musical leadership in worship.

On this Sunday we said thanks and celebrated his incredible service over many, many years that he has blessed us with his commitment, energy, and skills, as a teacher, musician and composer. Andy’s sermon centered upon Terry and what he has meant to our congregation.

Terry has written a message to us all which you can read here (or click the image).

One composition, specially written for Easter Eve, became a much-appreciated annual performance by the choir and enthusiastic engagement by the whole congregation. ‘Gloria in Excelsis for Easter Eve‘ is performed here as a virtual choir with more than twenty current and past members. Created for Terry and presented on this day.

A recording of a core piece to guide all further singers was recorded in August 2020 in the church sanctuary. Here are images of that first evening session.

Terry watched the virtual choir video and was then presented with gifts followed by a blessing.

Regine is taking over the up-front music role on an interim basis, the hand-over was symbolically marked by Terry beginning, and Regine completing the Farsi song ‘Chon rizad’:

The magnificent “glass fusion” artwork, made by Elisabeth Benn, presented to Terry – is shown here from different angles and in different lights.

And the rose petals continued to fall around Terry while Regine played harpsichord, and afterwards during”coffee hour” (on Zoom).

Energetic, with
Riotous laughter and unbelievably
Rich liturgical knowledge,
You bring us to a deeper understanding of the words.

Music is second nature,
Arising out from your fingertips to the keys,
Cascading from your throat to our ears molding our voices into
Rhythms that are perfectly off-balance, always challenging us,
To dance beyond our comfort zones: what joy!
Humbly submitting this offerings–a form you inspired–the
Ulterior motive is deep gratitude for knowing you better, the Brahms
Requiem, an occasional coffee, your wise counsel, and surely more music to come.

Natalie Deffenbaugh 10 January 2021

Retirement poem Natalie as a PDF file.