Psaume de la création

Words and music by Patrick Richard
Ester Pudjo Widiasih, soprano Jonas Schäfer, guitar  Andrew Williams, flute

1. By the heavens before you, with splendor and majesty,
by what is infinitely grand and infinitely small,
by the firmament with its mantle of stars, and by brother sun, I cry out:

Refrain, My God, you are grand, you are beautiful,
God, alive, God, most high, God present in all of creation.

2. By the oceans, and seas, by the continents and all the water in the rivers,
by fire that tells you like a burning bush and by the wings of the wind I cry out:

3. By the mountains and the valleys,
by the deep shadows of the forest and the flowers of the field,
by the buds on the trees and the grass on the plains,
by the grains of the wheat, I cry out:

4. By all the animals of the earth and seas,
by the song of the birds and the song of lives
sung by those who are your daughters and sons,
just a little lower than you, and by all the children


5. By this hand extended that invites us to the dance
by the kiss bursting with hope,
by the look of love, that renews and rewarms,
by the bread and the wine