Our Father who art in heaven

“Teach us to Pray” (Luke 11: 1-13)

“Remember who you’re praying to” (July 2019)
When Jesus’s disciples ask for a lesson in prayer, he seems much less concerned with the how than with the who.

“Pray Shamelesly” (April 2018)

Learning a Taizé song about prayer:

Our mission is to gather our strength in prayer and in actions, together or individually, to do God’s work of making his world a better place for today and tomorrow. We do so with love for our close family and social environment, and in projects which will have impact and lasting benefits for many.
The key of all that we do as community and church, is that all our prayers and actions bridge our faith, and the good news of the Gospel, to actions in our current world context.

“For it is God who is at work in you, enabling you both to will and to act according to God’s good purpose” (Paul’s letters to the Philippians – 2: 13)

Sermon from 2013 on prayer and teaching to pray (by Stephen Larson, July 2013)