Mexico earthquake

Support for Mexico earthquake victims relief

An earthquake measuring 7.1 magnitude hit Mexico in September causing massive destruction and devastation to the people of Morelos state. Seventy three people died and more than a hundred were injured in Tlaquilenango municipality, some 70 kilometers from the epicenter Axochiapan.
More than 600 homes were destroyed and another 1,780 severely damaged. Government reports indicate that up to ten thousand homes were completely damaged in eleven Morelos municipalities.

In response, volunteers from churches, schools and some government employees helped build 74 shelters besides assisting in rescue efforts and clearing debris. Relief and reconstruction efforts saw the establishment of collection centers that accept donations.

The Methodist church in Tla-quiltenango, Morelos, is one of the organisations that provide food and other relief goods to the communities in rural areas.
Besides food and water, the church distributes clothes, care packages for babies and hygiene items.
A medical clinic has been set up within the church compound to provide ongoing medical assistance to the victims.

Part of the funds that were raised from the proceeds of the Harvest Festival will support the ongoing relief efforts of the Methodist church in Tlaquiltenango. With the process of restoration and rehabilitation expected to take at least a year, the ELCG sharing support will help increase food, medical supplies as well as other needs required in the rebuilding effort.