Making Sense of the Cross

Lent Study 2018 – Making Sense of the Cross
Sundays from 9h45 to 10h45


In worship this Lent, we will be paying particular attention to that central Christian symbol: the cross.

It’s a symbol so common and so basic to Christianity that we may not think very much about it; and if we do think about it, we may find ourselves disturbed by theologies about the cross that point to a violent and legalistic God.

As a complement to what we’re doing in worship, there will be a Sunday morning class during Lent focused on the cross and the questions we bring to it. We will read Making Sense of the Cross, an accessible book by David Lose—a theologian, pastor, and professor of preaching—and we’ll look at some of the difficult and important questions raised by the cross and some of the ways Christians have made sense of this symbol over time. All are welcome to join. We are currently out of copies of the book. You can order a copy for Kindle here.