Lent Groups

Participate in a Lent Group this Season

This Lent, all members of the congregation are invited to join a Lent group—a small group that will work through a 5-session study during the weeks leading up to Easter.

What is the study?
We’ll be using a curriculum from the Church of England called “Life Balance.” It’s an opportunity to examine our patterns of rest, work, and play, and to look at our values and life principles in the light of the Bible’s teaching about the Sabbath. In lives that can easily become distracted and overfull, the study will give us a chance to pause and work to bring things into a faithful and life-giving balance.

LentGroup2019When will the group meet?
This year, Lent begins on 6 March (Ash Wednesday), and continues until 17 April (the day before Maundy Thursday). Groups will meet at a variety of times during the week and in a variety of locations. Some might choose to meet in members’ homes; others might choose to meet at the church. Each group should meet once a week for the five weeks of Lent. If you are interested in being part of a group, sign up now, and we will connect you with a group that suits your availability.

What does it cost?
The only cost involved is the course book, which will cost Chf 7.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up using this online form.

Contact the church office or Andy Willis with any questions.