Harvest Festival projects – 2018

Harvest Festival on Sunday 11th November 2018
Our congregation hosts a Harvest Festival every autumn—an auction where all proceeds are given away to one or more humanitarian or development projects selected by the church. Members of the congregation offer a variety of “things” to sell: dinners in their homes, guided hikes, music or cooking lessons, crafts or items…. The festival took place on Sunday 11 November following worship.

Those bidding gave generously to our two projects – more than CHF 15,000.- when the final count of all gifts are in, we expect to have a record.

Two bidding examples. Auctioneers Arni Danielsson and Jonathan Frerichs.

Augusta Victoria Hospital — Patient Assistance Fund
for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.
(This hospital is losing the Financial support of the US, so is under risk of having to cancel many life-saving operations. They need all our help!)

AGORA – local Geneva association serving as an outreach to refugees.

Both projects described on a single PDF.