God’s way

God’s way:
Ester Pudjo Widiasih, soprano. Andrew Williams, flute.
Taiwanese Chun-ming Kao.
Music based on “Isatseqalan” Paiwan, by I-to Loh: Taiwan.
The poem was written while he was a political prisoner by the Chinese Nationalists, who had taken over Taiwan after World War II.

I asked the Lord for a bunch of fresh flowers
but instead he gave me an ugly cactus with many thorns.

I asked the Lord for some beautiful butterflies
but instead he gave me many ugly and dreadful worms.

I was threatened, I was disappointed. I mourned.

But after many days, suddenly,
I saw the cactus bloom with many beautiful flowers.

And those worms became beautiful butterflies
flying in the Spring wind. God’s way is the best way.