Over the past several weeks in worship, we have been reflecting on a section of 2 Corinthians focused on the topic of generosity; we have also heard from some of our members, speaking about why they offer their time, talents, and money in support of our congregation’s ministry.

We are all invited and encouraged to submit estimates of giving for the coming year—ways in which we each intend to support the congregation in 2020.

Members should have received a packet of information–including the two giving forms. Those forms are available here, as part of the giving package.

Additional information is available here – Stewardship in our congregation

‘Super Volunteer’ joined us on Sunday to reflect on how we can all help:

and Sunday’s sermon placed it all in context:

Thank you for your generosity and your support of our ministry together!

Stewardship Testimonies:

1. Jaap Schep

2. Koko Taylor