Forum – second worship?

Forum on Potential Second Worship Service – 11 March, 2018

We have a lively, vital congregation.


For years we have been rather stable both in terms of involvement and financial support. For this we are grateful. However, couldn’t more people benefit from a community such as ours?

One possible way to do this would be to start a second service on Sunday evening. A sermon can be delivered twice without much more work. The worship service might have to be adapted a little but would not need to be totally recreated.

We could potentially reach people not inclined for Sunday morning, but who might find Sunday evening practical.

After worship on Sunday 11 March, for about 40 minutes, we will explore together what it might mean to grow using a second service as a strategy. What opportunities and also what fears might this raise? What possibilities could it open for us? Please plan on joining us for discussion. We will be exploring ideas, not making decisions, but we need input from the community for anything to work.