Fête de la musique 22-24 June 2018

La Fête de la Musique” organized by the City of Geneva is the biggest open air festival that celebrates the start of the summer in the entire city. On the left and right bank and in the old town. More than 500 concerts from morning to evening . All types of music; classical, contemporary, rock, dance, cinema and workshops for all ages. Our members and friends sometimes perform; notably Jackson Wahengo who appears elsewhere on this site – here at the 2013 festival.

Our church hosted concerts during the festival weekend from Friday through Sunday (after worship). Program for the part taking place in our church over the festival weekend was available here.

Full program of the festival here – a website with great search feature for styles, artists, locations and times during the 3-days. Complete overview – which the ‘Tribune de Genève’ prints as their usual free colour multiple-page matrix.

Thanks to everyone who signed up to help baking and selling from our church garden.
We made 3,460.- of which we give 10% to Musique et Vie, leaving 3,114.- for our church

From our church friends – there were concerts with Sylvain Fournier, Philippe Koller and Evaristo Pérez – just search their names on the official site. Here is one of four video recordings we made last year, after the festival – of the gysler/pérez/nick jazz trio.

(Photos: Valérie Marinoni)

(Images from 2018 – Friday 22nd-Saturday 23rd-Sunday 24th June)

The Grand-Théâtre (operating during renovations as the ‘Opera des Nations’ near to the tram stop at the main UN building) opened their ballet rehearsals to the public.