Do you need a breathing space?

Do you need a breathing space?

By Monica McKinlay

Do you find yourself continually going, always fast-paced? Do you live with a lot of shoulds and musts? Are the demands of your life exhausting you? Perhaps in doing so much good work, we can easily lose our centre and often we live spiritually unsustainably. Breathing Space is an invitation to pause. To rest. To reflect. A space of quiet where one can be intentionally open and listening. A space where you may glimpse a surprising encounter with God.

Breathing Space focuses on contemplative practices that have been passed down in church tradition as helpful ways of praying, but may have been lost in our modern day. A typical mini-retreat includes gathering as a community over tea and snacks, interacting with a teaching, space for silence and reflection, debriefing and questioning together, and ending with a final blessing.

Previous Breathing Spaces have included: slowing ourselves down with the practice of Lectio Divina – listening and responding with our hearts to a short passage of scripture. And gaining awareness in The Daily Examen to be attentive to the movements and presence of God throughout our day.

Breathing Space aims to nurture a praying community who find it helpful to connect with God in silence, listening, and presence. So far it has included about 30 people who are from different English-speaking churches in Geneva.

A weekly group has grown out of these Breathing Spaces. We meet Wednesdays 12h30 at Holy Trinity Church for no more than 45 minutes to listen to scripture together Lectio Divina style. Those who desire a brief pause in the day are welcome to join – no previous experience required.

You are invited! Keep your eyes open for the next Breathing Space to try it yourself!