Daily Summer Concerts: 28June-11August


Daily Summer Concerts, 2018:

“La Fête de la Musique” is just the beginning of summer concert time for the ELCG as our church is being used for lunchtime concerts every day except Sunday from 28th June right through until 11th August. The program is organized by “Musique et Vie” – and is available on this link.

Each year these concerts support one humanitarian project – summaries by year here.
Proceeds from the 2018 concerts go to a children’s choir in Yangon, Myanmar.
The New Children’s Choir, started in 2016, is a project of Live4Music, a UK foundation created in 2012. The choir is composed of 70 children from 6 to 15 years of age who live, for the most part, in orphanages of the Yangon region. In 2017 the choir performed at the Swiss embassy in Naypitaw. In order to improve the choir’s musical level, a more complete training program for the participants is envisaged. Financial support from ‘Musique et Vie’ will contribute to costs incurred during rehearsals and workshops (trainer remuneration, transport and children’s meals).

Here is an excellent video from the duo which will perform Tuesday 7th August this year:

Last year, Regine and Ursula produced a flute and organ concert as part of this lunchtime series. In 2016 they performed as well.
In 2014, the 25th anniversary of our choir and choir director, ELCG put on a complete and varied piano/organ/solo song/choir concert as the Saturday lunchtime concert.

Press from previous years:

1. Announcement video from our church and garden – by local TV, Léman Bleu – 2012

2. A 2014 video from ‘Léman Bleu’ local TV – in French but totally filmed in our sanctuary!

3. Le Nouvelles article from 2016