Bottled Water

Why you should STOP DRINKING bottled water?
By Dinesh Suna

More than 1.8 billion people globally consume contaminated water .
The global network of churches and faith based organizations under the umbrella of Ecu- menical Water Network (EWN) of World Council of Churches strives to change this sad reality.
EWN affirms that water is a gift of God, a public good and a fundamental human right. One million plastic bottles are produced every minute and most of them find their way into landfills.
In 2015, the EWN issued an appeal that urged churches in Eu- rope and North America to eliminate the use of bottled water because the two regions have clean and safe tap water suitable for drinking.

It is believed that continued use of bottled water may result in having more plastic than fish in the ocean by the year 2050. “EWN strongly believes that bottled water industries are an impediment to realizing the human right to water,” said Dinesh Suna, Coordinator of the Ecumenical Water Network of the WCC.

Speaking at one of the forums organized by our church, Dinesh outlined the criteria for becoming a “blue community” and invited us to become one: “Recognize water as human right, say no to bottled water, promote partnership and finance to operate drinking water and waste treatment system.”
He noted that the WCC has taken the lead by “banning” the use of bottled water at the Ecumenical Centre, and installed water dispensers.
Inspired by the WCC, about 20 churches and universities have joined the blue community in Switzerland, including Bern University.

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