Autumn in Lavaux

Johanna plays Haydn, Lavaux vineyards in autumn. — Piano recording of Johanna Nurmi, made in July 2012 — behind a montage of videos made in November 2012 of the Lavaux wine area.

In those days the film was edited in 720p — but the 1080p originals were found and are used to update and extended to the full length of Johanna’s playing of Haydn’s piano sonata no.32, adagio.
Johanna’s piano playing is wonderful, the technical recording is not so good as it used only a hand-held recorder, but it is the best we have of her.

The video was captured after three times on the train to Lavaux.  Twice there was no filming as the weather had become misty or cloudy.

Given that the filming requires a LOT of up and down walking plus taking the train between parts of the area, it needed to be good weather from the outset and remain so.
Now the goal should be to return and film in 4K with a better camera!
And if Johanna comes back to Geneva we can make a much better audio recording as well.