2023 October tech update

Celebration, the new sound system is fully installed.

We are done !

Two lavaliere radio microphones have arrived and used in worship. Audio from the video projector is now connected and working correctly. Two broken sockets are repaired and the last hint of pending feedback is eliminated. See the complete story in our previous tech update.

Sound and stream

Sound system yes, and also connections to our streaming system — all is totally integrated and available for use.

GSC follows a path of single camera on the sanctuary floor level and separate microphones, allowing them a completely portable system for use also outside of our church.

ESC operates the system developed together with Marc Blessing since March 2020. It is moved to the organ gallery and fully benefits from the wide range of audio connections, meaning all individual static microphones, 8 stage box inputs, four radio microphones, and several “mixes” available via single connections from the sacristy system. We use two cameras currently on tripods up in the gallery, along with a mixing desk and a separate multi-track audio recorder. We hope to save some space by eliminating the two tripods and replacing the heavy flight case / mixing desk. The two cameras are to be fitted onto the balcony rail as part of a new “lightweight” system with an updated mixing desk. This way, the gallery area can be “cleaned up” and making it easier to work and more comfortable also for the organist and other musicians who play from there.

Our existing streaming system scares potential operators and uses too much space.

First Photoshop images of how we plan to clean up the area. A project is underway.

More information coming.