2021 October tech update

October 2021 update to our “hybrid” streaming installation (hybrid means we both stream on-line and provide loudspeaker sound to our congregation within the sanctuary). 

REMINDER as to why the latest update has been made:
a.  To obtain full quality from the altar and lectern microphones for our stream without passing though the sound system.
b.  In case the sound system doesn’t re-boot one Sunday morning, to at least continue our stream even if the sanctuary loudspeakers are not working. There is a dormant fault which has not shown up since weeks but we need to be ready.
1. The following diagram shows the wiring and physical changes. It is important to note that these do not change operation of the sound system, so we all – or anyone renting the sanctuary –  can still use it as before.

2. So this results in us having two additional inputs to the audio mixing desk

— Channel 5 is “ALTAR DIRECT”
— Channel 6 is “LECTERN DIRECT”

3. Channel 7 remains the output of the sound system, assuming the Denon SD card recorder in the sound system rack is set to record or record pause (red or blinking red light). This channel is still required if we want to stream the hand-held microphone of the pulpit microphone, neither of these have direct connections to the stream mixer. We should not use the altar or lectern direct inputs at the same time as the channel 7 because the different delays will no doubt give us some peculiar results.
4. Phantom power to Altar and Lectern is supplied by the sanctuary sound system as before – so the Tascam on the streaming desk does not need to provide that – however there is no problem if that is turned on because those signals are derived from the transformer outputs of the new splitters (thus no direct connection).

Altar/Lectern and Music3 and music 4 microphones are re-cabled to go behind the choir section and along the wall behind the piano. 
Music microphones 3 &4 are on a high stand just in front of the pulpit so that they capture the piano and the choir — the next step will be to place them inside the pulpit which is where they were always placed on Sundays for the last few years before Covid. A method was designed by which the pulpit can remain usable. Inconvenience with that position now is that the cables would be visible going up to the pulpit — so we will get a feel from both Andy and the GSC pastors if the stand looks worse than the cables or vice-versa.
As you see, Music Microphones 1&2 remain mobile, the longer of the two cables remains on these for maximum flexibility.
If this proves a decent model, then we need to find a solution to cover all of the cables rather than relying on brown tape as now.  Behind the piano we can use a grey plastic channel which can be bought in Jumbo — I am hoping someone with a car can help us there.
Jumbo also has a curved surface mounting channel (also grey) which could help us with cables crossing the floor where the cushion is in the above photo and also between the altar platform and the splitter, and also between the altar platform and the lectern. if we get volunteers then we can discuss exactly what we need.
If this set up should become our standard, then we should make a hole in the balcony floor next to where the loudspeaker cables pass through, such that all six mic cables no longer pass over the front of the balcony — that should be easily possible but we need help to do that.

MICROPHONE CABLES in the balcony are correctly installed — they transit behind the panel covers which were removed for installation and replaced again afterwards.

BALCONY LIGHTING — return to opening and using of the balconies.
This lighting provides a good level of sanctuary lighting and is critical for decent video capture — a major contributor to the quality of recording and of streaming.  The lights have been simply placed during Covid times (two photos below), now they are re-wired to conformity and each lamp secured safely (second two photos)