Setting the Table

Stewardship for the English-Speaking Congregation of the ELCG in 2019


As a church each fall, we spend some time paying attention to all that God has entrusted to us and thinking and praying about how we will each respond in offering our time, talents, and money in the congregation in the coming year.
Our theme this fall is “Setting the Table”: we’re imagining stewardship as a potluck meal, where each person brings something to offer, and in God’s hands it adds up to a banquet, where there’s plenty to share.

Each week, members are reflecting on a memorable meal in our community from the past year. Let them remind you of the good ministry we are doing together and spark your imagination about what you can offer as part of of our ministry in the coming year.

The first reflection is from Cynthia Wilbers-Muturti, writing about her experience with Walking Together, a series of gatherings in Lent specially designed for those new to our community.

Read Cythia’s reflection here.

Second week reflection is from John Evans-Klock remembering our multicultural meal during which . . . – well, do read on !

John’s reflection is here.

Third week reflection is provided by Caroline van der Veen about a “memorable meal” which took place in 2012 after the death of her father.

Caroline’s reflection here.