January 2015

In wondering what we could do to help new refugees in Geneva, we engaged with ‘Agora’ to know how we could usefully proceed:

English Cafe Project

englishcafe-finalIn response to the needs of migrants and refugees in Geneva, our congregation has learned that it may be helpful to offer a space for English-language conversation—a place for people to practice their English and find a listening ear.

RefugeeEnglishTraining for volunteers took place on Tuesday 8 December 2014, from 14h00 to 16h00 at the church with staff from AGORA, an organization created by christian churches in Geneva. Such training and guidance is essential to make sure we have a correct and common understanding of what we are doing.

Results were not as expected, yet the experiences in handling such a project were worthwhile.  The project was discontinued as, although quite a few people came by, they were not always refugees !