Sharing Concern Group
Written by Johnny Camaddo on the behalf of
the members of the Sharing Concern Group:
Heli Bathija, Maria Angeles Martin, Elaine Neuenfeldt,
Maria Lucia Uribe Torres, Pastor Andy Willis – Ex-officio.

The church participates in the mission of God in word and in deed. The English Speaking Congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Geneva seeks to live out this mission by sharing in the life of those who are struggling for life, dignity, justice and freedom – in Geneva and around the world.

The congregation shares a portion of its resources with communities, movements, and organisations involved in serving and empowering those in need such as marginalized persons, refugees, the sick and the disabled and survivors of natural and human made disasters. This act of solidarity is a challenge to the congregation to learn and act with others. The relationship that can develop through this sharing is highly valued.

The members of the ELCG are generous in their support of the congregation. Through the Sharing projects, diakonia and in soup kitchen, we create opportunities and encouragement for even greater sharing of God’s gifts.

(For more specifics, visit our section on latest ‘social projects‘.)