Outreach Concern Group

Together with the efforts of many members, this group facilitates the spread of news of our activities related to the life and work of our congregation.
It encourages members to invite their friends into our community of faith and to make our church and congregation a welcoming place. It reaches out to potential members who are considering being part of our congregation and community. It aims to keep contact with previous members.

We strive to maintain a website with up-to-date, relevant content, and with links to other forms of communication. The site is updated weekly with latest sermon (video and audio) plus music and song from worship. In addition, we have special pages for concerts, forums, and selected events or campaigns.
The site was built some years ago and has been re-painted, but is nonetheless in need of an upgrade, both technically and visually. A project was initiated by the CC to identify the website’s place within our overall communications, and a small web team was set in place last year to define and implement the next web design.
That team has now almost completed its work and plans to “turn on” a new website shortly – a new platform, a new layout, more images and colour, improved navigation – easier to find the essentials for new-comers and to find anything for all of us. The CC’s newly-crafted descriptions of “who we are” form an integral part of the new site design.

Weekly E-mail
Complements very nicely the “pull” method of a website. It is a “push” communication containing up- coming events and news specific to the coming week. It can be received by members, past members, or potential members. Subscription and access is by the website or church office.

The Geneva Lutheran is the church’s quarterly newsletter that strengthens our community through shared stories, personal reflections, notes from former members, introductions of new members, and more. From Advent of 2017, we adopted a new, newspaper-like print design of the newsletter; that aims to complement other outreach methods outlined in the church’s communication strategy. A dedicated team collects and collates relevant articles and pictures that not only create awareness but also help our community holistically grow in care and compassion to issues that happen in church and society.