Building concern group – a responsibility of both congregations
we work together within an overall building committee.

Latest information from that committee
(by Friedrich Lohmann, president of the church council)

We are preparing a renovation of the cave voûtée. There are problems with humidity, doing damage to the sandstones down there. Our architect handed in a description of planned work to the monument service of the Canton, and now we are waiting for a (positive!) response. If all works well, the repair will be done during the summer.

One of our aims is to make our building and its rooms nicer. Early this year the Church’s facilities committee (with Marian Frerichs and Ngoni Hove from our congregation) turned its attention to the Luther Room in the third floor, with admirable effect. See yourself and take a look!

We held a forum to bring everyone up-to-date on the longer term building renovation options – it can be viewed here.