Harvest Festival news

Results of our Harvest Festival Sunday 10 November

Our congregation hosts a Harvest Festival every autumn—an auction where all proceeds are given away to one or more humanitarian or development projects selected by the church.
A big thanks to everyone who was part of the Harvest Festival! Wonderful gifts were offered, and we raised close to Chf 11,000, all of which will go to the projects in Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, and Mauritania. You can read more about this year’s projects below:

This Year’s Harvest Festival Projects

All proceeds from this year’s Harvest Festival will be divided between two projects selected by the congregation:

Cyclone Relief in Zimbabwe
67658688_1605509549585993_6142251331512958976_oZimbabwe experienced massive flooding due to cyclone Idai that hit the eastern part of the country in March this year. Massive floods in Zimbabwe’s Chimanimani district swept away homes and public infrastructures where over 16’000 households were displaced. The rehabilitation process is still on-going and the basic needs for shelter and sanitation are still in high demand. In addition to providing community-based training on public health and hygiene, there will be distribution of sleeping bags for the winter protection and re-building of the collapsed 30 household toilets to address sanitation in the communities. Overall, the project aims to benefit over 3000 victims of cyclone Idai mostly constituting the elderly, women and children.

This project is being carried out by Lutheran Development Service in Zimbabwe, where Simangaliso Hove, a former member of our congregation, is the current General Secretary.

A Trinity of Climate Justice Projects
We are joining the LWF in supporting three small-scale projects being carried out in different parts of the world, all related to climate justice:
AfricaTrees– Youth planting trees in Sierra Leone
– Women serving as community leaders in implementing climate-smart solutions in Mauritania
– Interreligious and ecumenical faith-based advocacy at the upcoming UN climate conference in Chile

Moments of music and prayer from worship: