Doers of the Word: Offering Our Gifts in 2022

Each year, members of the congregation are asked to reflect on how we will each support the church with our time, talents, and money. These offerings are all essential to our congregation’s ministry, we are the church !

Over the past Sundays in worship, we’ve heard about three particular opportunities to serve—the outreach team, the children’s ministry team, and the fellowship team. Play the videos and click on the links below them for more information about those opportunities.

There are lots more ways to serve, of course, and there are two ways to complete your giving forms this year: you can complete the forms online, or you can complete paper forms and return them to the church (either by post or by scanning and emailing them to

Choose whichever method you prefer. If you haven’t made a pledge for the coming year, we invite you to please do so by 26th November.

Thank you for your generosity and your part in our congregation’s life!

Congregational retreat October 2021 (click for larger view)